Starting point to my paintings

The starting point to my paintings is a relationship to nature, myths and folklore. The circle of live from winter to spring and from summer to autumn is shown in the strong colors in my artwork. Saturative stories born in the present moment and nostaltic experiences of childhood. In nature colors tells about life and death. Those themes are also strongly present in my paintings.

Experiences of nature are a force which influences both mind and body. It inspires me when I paint. Those strong experiences of childhood landscapes, wandering in the mythical swamps in Lapland, riversides and forests shows in my paintings.

With colors I can express my emotions freely, joyfully and sometimes feeling sadness too. The nature of Lapland can be destroyed by mine industry and has already been partly consumed becouse Lapland's rivers were been used to produce electricity.

Original swamps, rivers, forests and mountains of Lapland are national treasures which we must protect and defend.

Tuula Ahvenvaara

visual artist